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The term "Motivational Speaker" makes one wonder what happens after the speech is over—what if the motivation fades? And if so, why bother? Well, by the end of the day your morning shower isn't so fresh either but you still bathe, right? That's why Lee calls himself a corporate trainer since he creates lasting change and makes a difference for more than a day.

little red arrowA Day In The Life
This is not a self-serving piece, but a rare look at life on the road for a speaker.

06:00 AM The day before a speech begins with an early trip to the airport
07:30 AM With a lot of waiting around, this is the time to check on my slides . . . again
08:30 AM No Internet access on a plane means it's time to focus on the presentation
09:00 AM Since I now weigh 170 (instead of 245) I pack my own healthy meals

01:00 PM Once settled into my hotel room, I either go to the gym or for a run
02:30 PM Go check out the meeting room and talk to the AV person if possible
03:30 PM Rehearse my opening at least ten times and the closing the same
04:30 PM Rehearse the entire presentation to double-check the timing

06:00 PM Dinner with the meeting planner to talk about logistics . . . and have fun
07:30 PM Maybe make minor changes based on things learned at dinnner
08:00 PM Rehearse entire presentation one last time for confidence and closure
10:00 PM Let it go and get some sleep

05:00 AM Workout at gym or run at first light and eat a big breakfast
06:30 AM Be the first to arrive, set-up and begin testing and triple checking everything
08:00 AM Greet attendees as they arrive and schmooze
09:00 AM Show time—my favorite part of the trip and the reason for all the hard work

11:30 AM Sign books for attendees and answer any questions
12:30 PM Debrief with the meeting planner and pack up
01:00 PM Celebrate and enjoy another successful program with a reward of some kind
02:30 PM It's back to the airport to fly home—even though I am likely walking on air

Standing ovation for Lee Silber, corporate trainer.

Silber has been receiving standing ovations in part because he makes audiences think and laugh, but also because he connects with them on a deepr level by telling moving stories that are both motivational and impactful. These stirring stories reinforce the main message and are designed to stay with attendees longer than a day or two..

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