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Reality shows prove we like to know what's going on behind the scenes in other people's lives. When you are an author and speaker, others often wonder whether you walk your talk. This should prove that Lee Silber is a man of his words.

little red arrowWho Motivates The Motivator?
This is what life is like for someone who must motivate others . . . and himself.

little red arrowIt's Not (Just) Get Organized, It's Stay Organized
Here are photos of Lee's highly organized home and office—and how you can do it, too.

little red arrowEntertaining Kids With Things From Your Pocket or Purse
There is never a dull moment for the kids as Lee shares some ideas from his new book.

little red arrowLiving The Life You Want—A Cool New Way To Set Goals
Take a look at how Lee sets his goals and learn from his unique approach to planning.

little red arrowFamily, Friends, and Facebook
A rare look at how Lee balances a busy schedule with his main priority—his family.

little red arrowThe Ripple Effect
Exactly what Lee did to lose 75 pounds in seven months.

Motivational speaker Lee Silber who has lost 70 pounds.

BEFORE There are many speakers who don't walk their talk. Lee Silber is not one of them. When he tells others change is posssible, he means it. Here he is weighing 245 pounds.

Motivational speaker Lee Silber who has lost 70 pounds.

AFTER One year later—and a lot of exercise—Lee weighed 170 pounds. That's a loss of 75 pounds. Today he's holding steady at 180 pounds. To learn how you can do it too read "The Ripple Effect"..

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