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little red arrowThe Homeless Hero
When an ex-NFL player loses everything and his homeless friends disappear, his young daughter saves her father and the day.

$11.00 (Paperback)
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The Homeless Hero new novel by Lee Silber


little red arrowRunaway Best Seller
Kate wanted to leave her lying, cheating, abusive husband behind and start a new life in a tropical paradise. It wasn't that easy.

$11.00 (Paperback)
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Runaway Best Seller Book By Lee Silber


little red arrowSunshine
This novel is based on the incredible true story of Sunshine Blake. If you liked "Tuesdays With Morrie" you will love this book.

$11.00 (Paperback)

Ripple Effect


little red arrowThe Splendid Splinter
This quick 130-page murder mystery features Doc Skinner and a cast of characters from the Island Marina. Approved for readers of all ages.

$10.00 (Paperback)

Creative Careers


little red arrowThe Wild Idea Club
This easy-to-read book shows everyone how to solve problems instead of complain about them through collaboration.


The Wild Idea Club book cover


little red arrowOrganizing From The Right Side Of The Brain
Finally, a book that shows people who prefer to pile and save things how to get and stay organized.


Organizing From The Right Side Of The Brain


little red arrowSelf-Promotion For The Creative Person
This book includes clever and cost-effective ways to get the word out about who you are and what you do.


Self-Promotion For The Creative Person


little red arrowTime Management For The Creative Person
Right brainers can master the clock and calendar by using their strengths and natural tendencies.


Time Management For The Creative Person


little red arrowBored Games
Here are hundreds of ways to entertain kids anywhere, anytime using items found in your pocket or purse.


Bored Games


little red arrowRock to Riches
Learn the most important business lessons while reading about your favorite bands and rock stars.


Rock to Riches


little red arrowChicken Soup For The Beach Lovers Soul
This edition of the popular series includes a touching story penned by Lee Silber .


Chicken Soup Story By Lee Silber


little red arrowNo Brown M&Ms
You'll love learning about business (and careers) since this book uses lessons learned from rock stars to teach you.

$2.99 (Kindle Version)
No brown M&M's

little red arrowSummer Stories
Five fictional stories about beach living and the crazy characters who call it home, all set in summer. The perfect book for the beach.


Summer Stories


little red arrowNew Organizing Book
"Show and Tell" clearly demonstrates 50 simple solutions to organizing anything and everything in your home and office.


New Organizing Book


little red arrowRipple Effect
This is the digital version of the new book containing the strategies Lee used to lose 75 pounds in less than a year and how to do it, too.

$5.00 (E-Book)

Ripple Effect


little red arrowThink Small
Discover the small things that make a big difference in both your personal and professional life. (E-Book)


Think Small


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