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It was Frasier Crane who said, "I'm listening" to open his show. Well, Lee Silber is also listening—and answering your questions, too. Many of his responses will resonate with readers, so portions are posted here—with the names changed, of course.
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Quick Replies To Your Questions
Send in your question about almost anything—the book business, wild ideas, how to survive as a right brainer living in a left-brain world—and Lee will answer it as quickly as he can. The more focused and specific your inquiry, the faster you can expect a reply.

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Invite Lee Over For A Chat
Get a few people together with common goals and let Lee come over and give a short speech, do one-on-one speed coaching, or be a part of a teleconference. It's free and effective—coffee is optional.

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Instant Feedback
As the questions come in they will be posted here (with permission) along with the answers since many of the challenges revolve around the same things—how to get and stay organized as a right brainer, how to manage the clock and calendar better, and how to get a book published.

little red arrowBefore And After
The Instant Makeover
In the past, people sent in their marketing materials and Lee did makeovers on many of them—using the before and after examples in his design classes. Time permitting, we are bringing this back on a limited basis.

Frasier Crane and Lee Silber have one thing in common, both are interested in helping others deal with their problems.

It's nice to know there is someone out there who is interested in you and has your best interests at heart. Like Frasier Crane, Lee Silber is listening and wants to help you help yourself with ideas and insights. All you have to do is ask.

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