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There is nothing better than a win/win proposition—and that's what we're offering. Listed are four ways to earn a gift card (up to $100) at Nordstrom, Apple, Starbucks, Lowe's, Barnes and Noble, Subway, Amazon, or Target—and everyone wins in the process.

little red arrowKeynotes and Breakouts = $100 Gift Card
If your association or organization needs a keynote of breakout speaker and you recommend Lee Silber for your next meeting or event you will receive a gift card of your choice for up to $100—plus the group gets a great program from a real pro.

little red arrowConsulting and Coaching = $75 Gift Card
If your company could use a kick start, needs new ideas, or a training program to continue to thrive and grow consider Lee Silber and his team of efficiency experts. You will recieve a gift card of $75 or more for the recommendation. The same goes for one-on-one coaching.

little red arrowBooks in Bulk = $50 Gift Card
If you (or your company) buys books in bulk we will give you a gift card worth as much as $50, or you can choose to have extra books included for free.

little red arrowFree Brown Bag Speaker Series = $25 Gift Card
If you live or work in the San Diego area Lee Silber can come to your company and give a free workshop for you and your employees during the lunch hour. Not only will you and your co-workers be entertained and educated, you will also get a gift card for your efforts.

Lee Silber is giving gift cards for any and all referrals and recommendations.

Lee learned from his mentor (Mary-Ellen Drummond) to take care of the people who take care of you. So rather than reward people with something that leaves the recipient scratching their head, Silber has decided to send out gift cards for referrals (that can be used at popular retail outlets.) Look at the list to the left to see how you can get your $100 gift card for free.

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