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If there's one thing that can inspire us when planning for the future, it's hope. We can have high hopes for the next few years because in 2017 we saw some of the most innovative products and services coming from some of our biggest thinkers. Here's our list of leaders.

little red arrowBest Retail 2017
Dick's Sporting Goods
Can you always find someone to help you when you can't find something? No. Can you almost always find what you want? Yes. Could it be that I am in the store so often I know where everything is? Yeah. But the reason I am there so often is they have the best loyalty program around. They keep me coming back for more because the more I spend the more free stuff I get . . . and I love free stuff.

little red arrowBest Product 2017
Snark Tuners
Everything is going wireless, which is good. However, instrument tuners that didn't need to be plugged in (and I can't think of a better word) sucked. That was until the Snark Tuner came along. This little $20 product changed everything. When you attach it to the stock of your guitar or bass it makes it easy to get and stay in tune.

little red arrowBest Service 2017
Southwest Airlines
This airline's philosophy is to treat others how you would like to be treated—and that means treating customers well. I moved the airline up from number 3 in 2013 to number 1 in 2014 for a good reason—I flew with them over 20 times, and not once did they disappoint me.

little red arrowHonorable Mention 2017
Method Soaps
It's rare when something is well designed and works well. (I am always amazed that when I get to the bottom of the Method soap bottle and it pumps out the very last drop every last time.) It's also rare when a company does the right things for the right reasons—Method is good for you, good for the environment, and good to animals (no animal testing allowed.)

little red arrowBest Overall 2017
Southwest Airlines
You know how good something is when you (have to) try something else (in my case it was American Airlines) to realize what you had was so much better. Southwest beats all the other big airlines by a mile, and is better than the smaller ones (Virgin, Jet Blue) as well.

Lee Silber's new book is titled "No Brown M&Ms" after a famous Van Halen contract clause.

The Snark is a simple solution for those of us who can't quite tune our string intruments by ear.

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