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Do you still read a regular newspaper? Most people now get their news in a dramatically different (digital) way. Gone is the old printed newspaper, replaced by a quicker (and cleaner) method of delivery. This paperless page is all about news you can use.

little red arrowFast Forward
More Than a Newsletter—and Free
The term "newsletter" implies boring (to me) so I decided to call "Fast Forward"—my free monthly publication—a mini magazine. In 2014 we learned valuable lessons from Albert Einstein, gained great insights on marketing from Super Bowl ads, looked to rocks stars for examples of building a solid fan base, and turned to athletes for inspiration and ideas about training and development. For 2015 there are more great ideas coming your way for free.

little red arrowWomen, Studios, Ted, and Kids
Multiple Media Appearances for 2014
In addition to all the regular media appearances I had a couple of really cool opportunities come up this year. I was featured in "Women's World" (for the fourth time), wrote a story about organizing for "Studios" magazine, and did an interview for TED. Last but not least, I was interviewed for my son's school newspaper . . . all in one month.

little red arrowNew Book Available For Free
"Homeless: Lessons Learned Living on the Streets"
To research my new novel "the Homeless Hero" I spent time living on the streets of San Diego (voluntarily, I should add.) This helped me develop my character who was homeless but it also helped develop my character because I learned a lot about life from the homeless people I met—and I put all of these powerful stories and messages into a 21-page book which I am giving away for free.

little red arrowListen To Lee's Brand New Song
"When I'm Gone" Words and Music By Lee Silber
When my friend and fellow writer Dale Featherling died there was an obituary in the newspaper about his accomplishments—I had no idea about all the things he had done. I started to wonder what people would write and say about me when I'm gone and that's what led to this song is about. I play bass and drums, Danny Di Carlo sings and plays keyboards, Wayne Duncan plays all guitars, and Althea Smith lends her vocals to the chorus. Take a listen "When I'm Gone" [Song For Dale]. It's free.

little red arrowU.S. News and World Report
Lee is Featured In An Article About Right-Brainers
We all know the financial world is geared towards left-brain thinkers, but right brainers can make just as much money (if not more) by using our natural tendencies to our advantage. This article explains just how to do it.

Lee Silber is the author of 16 books including Think Small due out in 2011.

After the success of Silber's first novel, "Runaway Best Seller" (fittingly it became a best seller) Lee's 21st book is also a work of fiction. "The Homeless Hero" (pictured above) was published in late 2014 and Lee shared hsi experiences of living ion the streets to research the book in an Inspire 2016 speech.


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