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The Rock Bottom Remainders is a band made up of best-selling authors including Stephen King and Dave Barry. Lee Silber decided to start his own group with some of his writer friends and they call themselves The Midlists. As the name implies, they aren't making a living from their music, but boy are they having fun.

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Songs From The Seventies
We love music from the seventies and play all of your favorite songs from that era. We also do a lot of Beatles tunes, and by far my favorite song by the Fab Four is "Paperback Writer", for obvious reasons. On any given night our set list will include hits by bands like Chicago, Jimmy Cliff, Doobie Brothers, Doors, Dylan, Eagles, Elvis, Fogerty, Marvin Gaye, Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Van Halen, Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, and others that fit the format.

Lee Silber (Bass / Drums) • Edison Riggs (Guitar / Vocals) • Harton Anderson (Guitar) • Aaron Godwin (Drums) • David Huffman (Guitar / Vocals)

little red arrowThe Danny-Lee Band
Rock and Roll / Originals
The reason I formed this band was out of frustration. First and foremost, it's hard to write songs on drums. Second, many venues prefer an unplugged band (no drums). So I went back to bass guitar and began playing around town with Danny DiCarlo. The band name was a no brainer, since many times it's just the two of us on bass and guitar—other times I am joined by various musicians.

Lee Silber (Bass / Drums / Guitar) • Danny DiCarlo (Guitar / Vocals / Bass / Drums) • Wayne Duncan (Guitar / Vocals / Bass / Drums) • Althea Smith (Keyboards / Vocals)

little red arrowThe Solo Project
Love and Loss
It was a major milestone to finally go into the studio to record one of my original songs. I have enough material to do an entire CD, it's just finding the time to get in and record them. I finished "My Dad and Me" first and recently recorded "When I'm Gone", which is another sad song, but it's the tunes about love and loss that seem to get the biggest applause when played live. You can hear the latest release by clicking the link below.

little red arrowThe Rock Book
Rock To Riches
Not only am I a fan of music, but I also find the behind-the-scenes stories about the music business equally fascinating. It was a labor of love to write a book of business lessons borrowed from rock stars. In "Rock To Riches" and "No Brown M&Ms" you will learn a lot about how bands made it big, and more importantly how these same principles will work well in your line of work, too.

Lee is an accomplished drummer.

For the Midlists Lee is the drummer. He also plays bass in the Danny-Lee Band. On his debut CD "Love and Loss" Lee not only wrote and produced the songs, he plays both drums and bass on the recording.

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