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Everyone has a book in them, some more than others. With 22 books to his credit, Lee Silber has a lot to write about. Here's a look behind the books to see what life's like for a working author. Think of this section as a reality show for writers.

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A list of Lee's books and the behind-the-scenes stories of each one. If you've ever wondered what it takes to write a book and get it published, click here.



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Being prolific means beating writer's block—which is not a problem for Lee. For 2016, Silber released "Sunshine", a novel based on the true story of Sunshine Blake.

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This is the complete collection of books in Lee Silber's library. Three novels, one parenting book, one book of short stories, and 17 business books.

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New book by Lee Silber, Runaway Best Seller

After the success of his first novel, Lee released his second work of fiction. Can a twelve-year-old girl save her father and save the day? To find out you will have to read "The Homeless Hero".

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