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little red arrowYou Rock, Rock
Better than a Pet Rock, this makes praise much more permanent. Includes a free copy of "Rock To Riches".


You Rock, Rock


little red arrowYou Rock Pad + Pen
The perfect reminder of your talent and a great place for ideas. Includes a free copy of "Rock To Riches" book.


You Rock, Pad


little red arrowIt's All In The Cards
These set of cards, instructions, and worksheets are designed to help you make better decisions.



little red arrowYou Rock Pen Set
You get five pens (black ink) plus a free copy of the book "Rock To Riches". Now that's a deal that rocks.


You Rock, Pen


little red arrowLove and Loss CD
The new release of original music from Lee Silber includes four touching songs about love and loss.

$5.00 (Audio CD)

The Wild Idea Club book cover



little red arrowQuick Thinker Mug
Start your day off right with a Quick Thinker coffee cup. It’s a smart choice and great gift for a high-octane friend.


Quick Thinker Coffee Cup


little red arrowQuick Thinker Tee
Men can wear their quick-thinker tee shirts with pride. These conversation-starting shirts are available only in men's extra large.


Quick Thinker Shirt


little red arrowQuick Thinker Hat
Since quick thinking starts with your head, it makes sense to cover it with this great hat. Available in black.


Quick Thinker Hat











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