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With a career spanning over 25 years it's hard to condense it down to one page, but here is a quick look at Lee Silber's success. We also have a complete resume available, but presented here is the least you need to know.

little red arrowThe Books
22 Books
Sunshine (Fiction / 2016) Brand New
Runaway Best Seller (Fiction / 2012) Amazon Best Seller
The Wild Idea Club (Business / 2009) Now Available in Several Languages

little red arrowThe Businesses
5 Businesses Founded
Deep Impact Training (2008)
Innovative-Lee Speaking (1998)
Waves and Wheels Surfcenters, Inc. (1988)

little red arrowThe Media
1,475 Media Appearances
US News and World Report (2012)
The Dr. Laura Show (2010)

CNN (2009)

little red arrowThe Speeches
1,350 Speeches
E-Bay (2015)
General Electric (2014)
Proctor and Gamble (2013)

little red arrowThe Background
Married With Kids
Married 22 Years (Together 27 Years)
Two Sons (Ages 9 and 11)
Hometown (Mission Beach, California)

little red arrowThe Hobbies
Competitive Surfer
Current Softball Leagues (3) 2015 Batting Average .794
Drums and Bass ("Love and Loss" / 2014) Solo CD
Baseball and Football Coach (16-3 and 7-0) 2016 Records

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