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The main reason people purchase something is simple—they want what they buy to improve their lives and solve one (or more) of their problems. Every item here is geared to help you reach your goals—or return it for a full refund.
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Who has time to read anymore? Here are mini versions of the best books.

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Everyone we know is busier than before so we created items for those on the go.

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Everything is going digital, so why fight it? Here are several new e-books.

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Lee Silber offers products and services to move you forward fast.

Fast and cheap isn't always a good thing, except when you are the customer. Lee Silber is currently writing a book about customer service and trying out new and improved ways to make every customer say "Wow!" and show how much he cares . . . about them. If you like quality products at great prices—and want them delivered quickly and easily—let Lee win you over with with his exceptional service.

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